Old library site – update

The KRA have now been officially informed that New Vision Homes are appealing the decision of Woking’s Planning Committee to reject the plans to build a three storey block of flats on the site. Residents’ have until 15 December to contact the Planning Inspector if you think the Councillors were right to reject the plans. At this point in time we do not know the grounds of the appeal and I suspect the statement from New Vision Homes outlining their grounds for the appeal will be withheld until after the 15 December. There is nothing about transparency when it comes to planning and Woking.

One Comment on “Old library site – update

  1. Please let common sense prevail and remove the bollards by the Vyne. Living on the old hospital site I try and use the village shops whenever possible; I cannot always carry my purchases home so have to drive-all the way down Redding Way and all the way up into the village which uses more petrol and causes more pollution-madness. Also if heading towards Lightwater (to use the leisure centre) it would be so much easier to avoid the Sainsbury’s traffic lights and especially the Bagshot Road for as long as possible-not with the bollards in place!
    Also can I support the call for a pedestrian crossing as proposed.


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