Planning update – 15 December 2014

An application from Sainsbury’s of Redding Way, for the installation of a single-story, standalone, dry-cleaning pod to the front of the store has been rejected by Woking’s Planning Dept. The main reason for this decision was that the proposal from Sainsbury’s, if given the go ahead, could have meant potential harm to the vitality and viability of independent businesses in the centre of Knaphill.

Waterers Rise we have just been informed that the Council has published an amendment to their plans to demolish 11 garages and build 3 houses. At the time of writing the details of these amendments are not yet available to the public but residents have only been given until 24 December to comment.

A new planning application has been submitted to build a two storey block of flats (4 x 2 bedroom units) at 1 Sussex Court, High Street 1 Sussex Court is the address of the block of flats opposite the junction of Sussex Road and the High Street. The application is to build this block of flats behind the current two blocks of flats.

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