The Meadows is up for sale

The former NHS hospital on the Bagshot Road, next to The Nags Head, has been put up for sale. The building owned by Surrey and Borders NHS Trust has stood empty since 2013 and basically left to rot. Due to poor security the internal fittings have been totally vandalised. We understand that Woking Borough Council showed some interest in using the building but given its current state pulled out of talks. with the owners. The building is probably now only fit for demolition and I presume replaced by housing. What a waste.

One Comment on “The Meadows is up for sale

  1. To be fair, it will most likely be worth a lot more for development of the site into much needed housing rather than trying to redevelop the existing site. Trying to adapt a building that was built for a specific purpose can cost as much if not more than simply pulling down a building and starting again. At the end of the day, if selling the site for demolition and then putting some homes on the site in an area in need of housing and which generates a cash receipt over and above what it would return for redeveloping the existing site (which is just cost) then isn’t that a good thing? And at the end of the day, inpatient facilities like The Meadows was an outdated method of caring for people with mental health conditions locked up in no more than modern day mental asylum. That was most likely why the facility was shut down and the people in that facility were put into housing in the heart of the community rather than being on the periphery. There was a lot of angst at the time about the transfer of patients, some local residents even suggesting that they were pedophiles and sex offenders. Seriously don’t understand peoples logic, but if that’s really what they think of people who suffer mental health problems, then they are probably more sick then those people in real need of help and more appropriate care.


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