Planning Committee

Woking Council’s Planning Committee meets on Tuesday 7th March and on the agenda there are two planning applications affecting Knaphill.


The first is an application to build a new house in Highclere Gardens. This application is strongly opposed by the residents of Highclere Gardens and their fight is supported by the KRA. The Council’s Planning Department are recommending acceptance of the plans so we hope our local Councillors will put up strong opposition to the plans and  that members of the Planning Committee listen to the residents objections. The reference for this application is PLAN/2016/1366.

The second Knaphill application is from the owners of Ringlestone Farm off Warbury Lane. The owners are arguing that a former outbuilding has been used as a single dwelling house for more than four years and the owners are seeking a lawful development certificate for change of use. This building is in the greenbelt and therefore this is a legal argument. The Council are opposed to the application. The reference number is PLAN/2017/0104.

The Planning Committee is open to the public and it will also be shown live on the Council’s webcast.

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