Planning Application: The Anchor Pub

UPDATE April 2018 – The Woking Borough Council planning committee have met and approved the development of the Anchor Pub, as outlined below (6 flats, 2 maisonettes, and a drinking establishment, with 8 parking bays in total). Two of our councillors were present for the meeting and posed no objections.


Developers have submitted a planning application to Woking Borough Council to develop the building on the corner of Lower Guildford road and the High Street. First, the Anchor Public House will close, the plans do include a café/restaurant/drinking establishment but as yet no details. There will be some parts of the building to be demolished and new two storey extensions to be added. The single storey storeroom that backs onto the Post office and adjoining garage to be demolished replaced with a two storey residential block. Similarly at the other end of the building, demolish single store building and build a two storey extension. If approved as well as a new café/restaurant/drinking establishment there would be 2 maisonettes plus 6 apartments. However there will be only 6 parking spaces for the café/restaurant/drinking establishment and only 2 parking bays for the 8 residential units. You can still comment to Woking Borough Council via the email address . If you do contact Woking BC make sure you quote the reference PLAN/2017/1167.

Here are scans of the plans as we have seen them. Apologies for the low quality.

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