Planning Application: 1-3 High Street

FURTHER TO THE BELOW (Jan ’19): At the meeting on the 15th January, the application has been rejected, without a vote. It seems that everyone needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

ANOTHER UPDATE (Jan ’19): Well now it appears that the plot thickens further!

The application detailed below was rejected by WBC planning department, due to “the site is on a prominent corner within Knaphill the applicant has not demonstrated that the size, layout, scale and amount of development would result in a satisfactory form of development appropriate for the site or that it would have a satisfactory impact on the character or appearance of the area.”

HOWEVER, despite this rejection, Councillor Debbie Harlow has requested to hear the full details at the next full planning committee meeting (on 15th January). This could mean they are considering overturning the recommendation from their own department. Details are to be found here using application reference PLAN/2018/0624.


FURTHER UPDATE (Sept 18): Woking Borough Council has finally validated and published the planning application for 1-3 High Street, PLAN/2018/0624, which was submitted in June. However there is currently there is very little detail on the Council’s website. The application calls for the erection of a three storey building comprising 3 x retail units at ground floor and 8 x self contained 1 bed flats at first and second floor with associated parking, landscaping, bin and cycle storage following the demolition of existing building. It would appear that there will be 7 parking bays for both the businesses and flats plus 2 disabled parking bays. Although exactly how this differs from the similar proposal that was rejected earlier in the year, is unclear!


UPDATE (Jan 18): Further to the original post below, we have now heard that the planning application (PLAN/2017/1036) for the demolition of 1-3 High Street has been refused. It appears to mostly have been rejected based on the high density dwellings per hectare in the area, and the report has also mentioned the poor public transport / parking situation. Undoubtedly the refusal will be appealed, but at the moment, it seems the developers will need to revise the current plan.


A planning application has been submitted from the owners of 1 – 3 High Street. This is the building that previously housed the pet shop, on the corner of Anchor Hill crossing. There is currently a computer repair shop on the ground floor and solicitors on the first and second floor. We believe the solicitors have only a short lease. The application  is to demolish the existing building and build a new three storey building comprising 3 retail units on the ground floor  and 8 self contained 1 bed units on the first and second floor. The planning application reference number is PLAN/2017/1036 and can be seen on the Council’s website.

The current building dates from the Victorian era and was originally the farm house for Highclere farm, but recent property additions have detracted from its original beauty. The plan is to have 9 parking bays, which for a building with 3 retail units as well as 8 residences, we strongly suggest this is inadequate. Another concern is with regards to the three retail units, there does not appear to be any access from the rear of the shops nor any serious storage space so they could be of limited value to many prospective businesses, particularly those requiring a stock room for example. 

Image showing proposed building design.

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