Planning Application Land Behind Co-Op


Further to the below article, the KRA are thrilled to say that the Planning Inspector dismissed the appeal by the Thamesway agents and stated in summary “For the reasons given, and having regard to all other matters raised, including by local residents and other third parties, the appeal is dismissed.” A small victory for Knaphill environment and anyone who believes that housing should be a fair size and with reasonable parking.


Binkot, Englefield Road, Knaphill GU21 2EB: This is the land behind the Co-op and opposite the entrance to the car park. (Binkot is the name of a bungalow that stood on this site many years) In 2017 Thamesway Developments submitted a planning application build 4 three bedroom houses on the site. Planning permission was refused by the Planning Officer using his delegated authority, this meant that the planning application did not go before the Planning Committee and therefore local Councillors did not offer an opinion. The decision was taken on 12 March 2018, with the following excerpt:

The scale of the proposed dwellings, the proposed plot layout and restricted internal floor area, the Unduly cramped and contrived form of development and uncharacteristically small and irregularly shaped plot sizes which would fail to provide acceptable residential amenity for potential future occupants of the development. Furthermore, the proposed dwellings by reason of their overall height, mass, form, appearance and resultant relationship with Englefield Road would visually dominate the area and fail to relate well to surrounding buildings in the sites context.

There was also an issue with the inadequate off-street parking being provided.

We have now heard that Thamesway have appealed and a Planning Inspector will now decide. Thamesway have submitted a 32 page report outlining why they disagree with the decision of the planners at WBC.

An excerpt from the Thamesway Agents appeal:

The commercial unit in question would appear to be a small local Co op which is likely to receive a few deliveries from a central depot. Given the Co-op’s loading bay’s location it is unlikely that deliveries are received into this yard rather an early morning delivery is taken from the High Street through the shop and the yard is used for storage of empty cases. 

Whilst car ownership is predicted to be relatively low, evidence on the form, of parking surveys has demonstrated that more than adequate parking is available in the local area to cater for any demand for parking for residents.

It also makes several references to the excellent public transport options available to Knaphill residents.   

Thamesway Development is wholly owned by Woking Borough Council and 3 of the 4 directors of Thamesway  are either senior officers at WBC or a Conservative councillor.

The KRA have written a letter of objection to this proposal.

The reference for this application is PLAN/2017/1309. The appeal reference is APP/A3655/W/18/3202232 to take a look at the plans and to state your opinion, click here for the WBC Planning Portal.


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