Sainsbury’s Proposed Retail Unit Changes


This application can now be found at PLAN/2018/0973 on the WBC planning website.


The KRA have been contacted by the Sainsbury’s estate management department to make us aware of plans they are currently working on to redesign the retail units housing Homebase. Sainsbury’s are the freeholder for the entire Sainsbury’s Brookwood site, including Homebase, the car park and the loading bay area in the rear. The plan is to change the current Homebase space, including garden centre into three new retail units which would be large format stores and open plan. They have contacted us prior to submitting a planning application to Woking Borough Council. Here is a look at the plans and an excerpt from their letter.

The roof of the existing Homebase building would be slightly raised to accommodate a mezzanine level. The building would be divided into two new stores, with the garden centre replaced by a third unit to match the newly renovated building. A new entrance canopy would be constructed along the front of the retail units and glazing would be installed to provide a better shopping environment and a more attractive appearance.
The new units would be larger, open-plan units that would attract retailers who cannot currently be accommodated within the local area. As such, this would complement the existing retail offer in Knaphill and provide enhanced choice for local people. We will announce the new retailers once they have been confirmed.
The existing car park has enough spaces to serve the new development and would therefore largely remain as it is currently, with a small increase of 7 car parking spaces. Deliveries would continue to be made to the covered service yard to the rear of the buildings and within the current delivery hours.

Homebase has released a list of stores which are due to be closed, but so far Homebase Woking does not feature on there, so at the moment it is unclear what the future may be for the store.

If you’d like to get in touch with Sainsbury’s directly to discuss this then call 0800 080 3164 or email

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