Memory Lane – Knaphill History, The Brookwood Hospital

When we look back over the history of Knaphill we find that the ‘Brookwood Hospital’ played a vital part in the development of the village. In the 1850’s local settlement was at the bottom of Anchor Hill, near the thriving…

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Knaphill History, Memory Lane – WOMEN at WAR

The history of Knaphill owes a great deal to the people who live here; to long established residents and some more recent arrivals.  KRA’s Memory Lane articles are based on the stories of real people who have made their home…

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Local History, Memory Lane – Knaphill

Welcome to Memory Lane Knaphill, a special view of Knaphill’s history. Over the years the Residents’ Association have met many of Knaphill’s ‘senior citizens’. Based on their memories of the Knaphill of their youth, KRA put together a series of articles in our…

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