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At this weeks Joint Committee Surrey County Council reported that the technical problems that led to the bollards being out of use have been resolved and the bollards will be back in use later this month. The County Council recognised that residents are split on the benefits of the bollards and Cllr. J. Kingsbury promised to formally consult residents on whether the bollards remain or whether the junction of the Broadway and Redding Way should be reconfigured.

Related to the above Surrey County Council rejected a request from the KRA to consider a pedestrian crossing on Redding Way close to the doctors surgery.

Returning to the question of the Vyne bollards Phil Stubbs pointed out to the County Councillors that stopping cars going across the bollards will only put more pressure on Anchor Hill where we already suffer from air pollution.

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  1. Personally I believe anyone who cannot drive the extra 2 minutes up Broadway or Lower Guildford road is extremely lazy, when the bollards work they make for a safer crossing for elderly and the young heading to the Vyne and allows a steady flow for buses, when these bollards are out of action all I’ve ever seen is cars breaking the speed limit zooming though there and on one occasion a lady that didn’t stop for the roundabout, smoking, on here phone with kids in the car. keep the bollards and keep them maintained


  2. The answer is no. We were assured by Surrey County Council in March that all the necessary repairs had been completed and that the bollards would be back in operation in weeks.


  3. Am I missing something here? My self and several other local residents are still trying to figure out what the point of the bollards by The Vyne were for in the first place. If it is purely for the safety of people crossing the road to The Vyne, would a (zebra) crossing not more appropriate at this spot instead of costly unreliable bollards?


    • Julian, The reason for the bollards has been lost in time, I understand the bollards had two purposes. First to reduce the amount of traffic going through the centre of the village – well it has failed on this point and secondly to stop drivers using Redding Way as a rat run – drivers use Queens Road.


  4. Why not have a local referendum on these bollards, if the people who matter if the residents of Knaphill would like to see them taken away then an easy yes -no answer would suffice to give all concerned the information they need.
    If the answer is no, ie keep them, then I raise the question as to why the roundabout further down the road is not linked to the Broadway, or has the answer to this question already been lost in the mists of time, this should not be so, after all its only a few years since the whole of the hospital site was built on, some one in Woking knows the answers to these questions.

    I would ask if our elected politicians and the general public are so keen on protecting all and sundry on traffic issues, why it is that no one is interested in putting a roundabout at the end of Barrs Lane where it joins the bottom of Anchor hill, why there no pedestrian crossing near this dangerouse junction, why is it that there is no provision for pedestrians walking along Barrs Lane to the railway site and why ,now that there are double yellow lines along Barrs Lane, that no provision has been made for user’s of the tennis courts and other facilities to park their vehicles. the placing of these lines without any alternative parking facilities is automatically making people break local civil laws when they choose to park on the lines.


  5. First the Vyne bollards, this is becoming a joke. We keep being told that the bollards will soon be back in action. The KRA are looking into launching an electronic petition to see the weight of feeling. There are side issues connected with the Vyne roundabout. If it was to be made open to all traffic it begs the question, do all buses have to go via Sainsbury’s? Traffic on the spur road at the Vyne ill be helped if the number of buses trying to manoeuvre what is a tight bend was reduced. Once the new houses at the top of the Broadway are occupied it will not be long before we see cars parked on the spur road.

    Turning to the junction of Barrs Lane and Littlewick Road, we have raised this junction with both the police and SCC given the number of accidents but I reality we just get fobbed off.

    Re the double yellow lines on the first section of Barrs Lane, I do think these were needed. There is a car park at the top of Waterers Park and anyone playing tennis, football or cricket should use the official car park.


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